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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 23

Oh christ, I've spent most of the morning doing this, my computer has locked up twice, and I've had to do both of these entries twice I apologise if my writing is below par, but both times I've done the first one, and lost it, and can barely remember the second one.


We shall head straight for the meat of todays matter children, and that is to the death of he who became known as 'Legion'. We call him Legion for that is the name he gave himself, and I quote, he is Legion, for he is Many. As has already been mentioned children, Legion was an abomination amongst the Keeper Nation, due in part to the fact that none had ever truely given themselves over to undeath, quite as he had done.

We expanded quickly in all directions, East and West, North and South, we expanded Lazily, and trained with Haste, we where not in too deep a hurry to head to face Legion, not until we where truely prepared.

We expanded to the second portal, taking it, and securing our troop supply, and then East, to the Gems.

We then expanded West, securing a Vampire whom had an issue with Legion (his existence), and whom would aid us in our struggle, a scavenger room, with which to scour Legions troops from him, and an Experience Book, to strengthen our creatures.

As this happened, we happened to ferment a little discord amongst Legions imps.

And then we headed to battle. Unlike other Keepers, Legion had decided to aid his minions in battle directly, with his Corporeal form.

We secured both the first portal, and his graveyard, cutting him off from reviving anymore vampires, and affording us the luxury, we destroyed the last of Legions troops, and set to kill him.

Fortunately for us, we had pushed so far into his Dungeon, that we had arrived at his Minions lairs, preventing Legion from having any chance to rest. As you should know by now, Vampires, when killed, ressurect at their lair, slightly less experienced than they where before, but at full health, as a result of our arrival, we removed that advantage from him, but he still slaughtered many of our troops, as his corporeal form attacked us physically, and his incorporeal threw many a bolt in our direction, decimating our Warlock contingent, and putting us at a disadvantage.

Thankfully, Our Warlocks had been lead by a smart Man, whom had them use their healing spells, just after the bolts hit, instead of before.

And so his Corporeal form fell, and we set to banishing the incorporeal.

For all I have taught you children, you seem to have learnt naught, these four made the same mistakes as their predecessors, and only the chill of the grave seems to have taught them anything.

You all need yet more training, as a result, we will be going shortly, down into the Deeper Dungeons, below the land of Skybird trill, it is a place where we shall have every disadvantage, and our foes every advantage, and who knows where our journey shall end, as rumours abound that when all of these Dungeons are under the control of the Dark, then we shall find a portal to the lost land of Melkath, a place where Evil was stamped underfoot with such ferocity, and where Avatars are of such strength and number, that even from the offset, the gentle land of Eversmile houses many.

These are mainly rumours though children, for we have found no such cave yet, but who knows, perhaps it will be there, at the end of these next lessons..?