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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 6

The folk of snugglebell worship the common rabbit. Floppy eared bunnies are
encouraged to hop around the fields surrounding the hamlet, bringing happiness,
love, and more bunnies to the entire area.

After our victory over Belial, we recieved word that Belials brother, Artemis, had
heard of his brothers death at our hands, and he was ANGRY. He sought us out to
battle, and quickly was battle joined, for once in a very long time, we found
ourselves too slow.

Not only that, but due to geographic location, we found ourselves vastly
underfunded. Add that in to the fact that our minions where seemingly unable to hold in their prejudices much longer. Thankfully, though not fast enough, we set up a base incredibly quickly.

However, we noticed that Artemis had made his way to the literal gold mine in the
centre of the realm. Given that we where running out of gold, and fast, we made our
way to the center also, building a bridge as we went. Unlike artemis, who was only
sending imps forth, we set a few of our minions to guard the entrance, and any of
his imps who came close, where near instantly blown up by a dozen fireballs.

With a foothold established in the center, we discovered a torture room. These allow us to recruit Mistresses.

The Dark Mistress is an incredible creature of extreme evil. They love pain, they
love to inflict pain, and if they have nothing else to do, they will often torture
themselves. This will actually make them happy, which is handy if you ever get into
a rebellious situation.

With age, Dark Mistresses gain the ability to haste themselves, make themselves
invisible, leech life from their foes, and throw out lightning bolts as though they
where descended from Zeus.

Sadly, due to Artemis' quick speed, we where unable to recruit mistresses for this

While we setup our base, and setup the guard point, our researchers researched the
lightning bolt spell. This highly destructive spell, is also highly expensive, but
will destroy imps as though they're non-existant. And after being hit by this spell, they usually dont. Thankfully for us, as fast as Artemis was, he was also as thick as two planks of wood slapped together. His minions evidently where unable to keep their prejudices to themselves either, and he wasted much of his money, throwing lightning bolts onto his own minions.

And so, believing he held the advantage, Artemis decided to move forward and try to
attack us.

Unfortunately for him, we took his bridge from him, and moved forward into his base.

Despite his culling of his own forces, it appears as though he mainly cut the weak
from the strong. Many of our own forces where lost in the battle, but not enough..


Not a soul stirs here now, even the rats are afraid to come out of the drains and
feast on the dead. You really outdid yourself here master, it's a shame the
destruction was so easy.