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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 2: Generous Murdering

Although we’re actually supposed to rebuild a Legion, there are villagers that need help! Graciously denying all rewards, we solve all problems through copious slaughter.

A technical change. I’ve tried out Nvidia Shadowplay to record at 60 fps. Apparently my computer isn’t up to snuff to maintain a constant 60 fps at all times, so there might be a bit of a stutter on very few occasions. Let me know whether this is an improvement or worse than when I was recording 30 fps with FRAPS. Edit: Looks like youtube isn't done yet with processing the 1080p version, I'm only seeing 720p.

And another vote. This is just a minor, conversational one, but how we deal with Katarina and her sister Leona during the next few conversations might inspire us to vote differently later on, when we get our first, big choice.

So, are we going to be suspicious of the freckled Katarina and her Lescanzi sister from now on, or will we be trusting? Later we can make totally different decisions of course.