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Dungeon Siege III

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Part 4: Kiting

Dead witches everywhere, we make our way into the eastern forest and fight a whole lot of spiders, wolves, spiders, and OH GOD WHAT IS TH… and finish things up by introducing ourselves to Gunderic’s Manor.

There’s also a lot of…well:

* This is part of Kite Flying by Suzuki Harunobu, from 1766, currently part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.

We meet a few new creatures and are introduced to some new concepts, so I’m throwing in the appropriate lore pieces on Dakkenweyr, the Causeways, and the Mournweald. I’m giving Gunderic’s lore a separate category.

Oh, before I forget it, there's a small vote in here. We meet a talking, locked door that wants a password. We can look for the password, or we can brute force the password by guessing it. Next episode we'll be getting to our first big choice that will influence the ending, and possibly the mid-game.

Lore, lots of lore

Gunderic’s Lore

Edit: Also, I forgot to make it public. I'm forgetting a lot of things. That should be fixed now. Generally I leave my stuff unlisted until it's at least processed up to 720p.