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Part 6: Happy Endings

Votes are in. Destroy wins, 6 vs. 1, and giving the manor to Leona wins 5 to 3

Destroying the heart and the remaining undead, we surrender the manor to Leona and make our way into the Mournweald.

You can actually finish the game without getting any cutscene about Gunderic Manor, which I think is a shame. Once we get to the point that the alternative choice for the manor would've become relevant, I’ll show you the appropriate video.

Also, I recorded this late in the evening and I sound like I spent my entire day smoking cigars and drinking whiskey, rumbling my way through the voice-over like a Mongolian throat-singer or baritone purring cat. I think I'm going to avoid recording when I sound like that.

No lore this time, but the last post had enough to last for multiple updates.

Other business
One of my client's books came back from the publishers which means I'll be busy proofreading, editing and compiling an index. I think I can keep the same update speed going here, but if I'm a tad slower the next two weeks, that's why. On the other hand, I'm still finding the time to play Payday 2 as well and also make stupid stuff like this, so who knows, perhaps I'm a time wizard and can do everything without slowing down.

MartianAgitator posted:

Also, I don't know if this is how you meant to do it, but if you are going to reveal all the consequences of our choices before the end of the game, you are going to wait until they become relevant, right? Like, you aren't going to say, "You made this choice, and it has this effect on an area that we'll encounter two areas from here." Rather, I think you should preserve the mystery by NOT bringing up alternate consequences until we've seen the results of what we have chosen. For example, "So you see how we had to fight three bosses just now. Well, that comes from a choice we made two maps ago. If we had chosen the other option, we'd only have to face one boss."

Yep, that's definitely the plan. I'll only shows consequences once they are definitive, cannot change, and won't spoil anything. The other use for Gunderic's Manor, for example, I won't show until late into the game, and only after we've come to the other appropriate choices. I'm looking forward to that one, heck, I'm looking forward to everything in Stonebridge. I'm really curious to see how the goon-vote will go with some of the choices we're going to get. The next one is only one episode away already, and that's another big one.