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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 7: Rajani

Adding grave robbing to our line of petty revenges against the Gunderics, we assault Raven Rill’s town hall and lock spears with Rajani. Which leaves us with the choice of what to do with her…

This time our choices are threefold, but the choice between setting her free and letting her carry a warning are essentially the same, with the option of killing her being of course radically different. That’s why I’ll add the first two up, because I think it would be unfair if a vote for a peaceful solution would lose simply because those votes end up being divided between two methods. So if the first two together outnumber the votes for killing her, we’ll go with the peaceful option that received the most votes, even if killing her outnumbers the other options separately.

With this we've almost reached the end of act 1 out of 5.


Edit: Also, while looking through the last episode during quality control, I think I need to cut out more of the trash-fights and speed-up on some smaller bosses too. It's easier to cut stuff where we are not actually progressing (like the spider-forest), and the game has a knack for varying your surroundings a lot to make up for the combat, but I should probably make us teleport forward a bit more often with the power of editing.