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by Fleve

Part 9: White Man's Burden

With the village of Raven’s Hill liberated and the Hero’s Crypt looted, we’re off to Stonebridge. Which we’ll apparently reach by making a detour through the colonial swamps, convincing the natives of our good intentions and the benefits of civilization by killing them.

Image derived from a Pear's Soap ad from the 1890's. Title should be obvious

What lore.

Actually, there’s a bit of trivia. The game mentions how the natives trap the souls of their ancestors in shrunken heads. This is, in fact, close to the use and meaning of actual shrunken heads. Some were intended to trap the spirits of enemies, worn as a trophy to harness their power, others were used to call upon the aid of ancestors to enrich harvests.

On the topic of additional lore, so far I’ve been reading aloud the little snippets of text that I think are neat. Should I quit doing that? Would you rather just pause and read them yourself, or just ignore them entirely? I’m not sure what the best solution is.

And finally, seeing as how we now have two party members, do you want me to bring Lucas with us next time, or Katarina? I’ll try to maximize influence opportunities for whoever we pick. Sometimes, however, there are influence moments where only a few characters get an option, so that’s more of a choice between missing an opportunity or taking it. For those, I think I’ll just quickly switch character for one conversation.

I wished I could've gotten more done in this episode, but the swamps are a bit larger than I expected. We'll be there for another (half) part, but then we'll finally get to Stonebridge. I love Stonebridge. I've already said that before but I don't care.