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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 13: Mines of More...mines

We collect rocks, blow up some rocks, move other rocks around. It's a bit of a rocky episode.

* Image derived from a photograph of the Silberhorn, a mountain of the Alps that was the inspiration for Tolkien’s Celebdril.

Next episode we’ll be going through a whole lot of pretty important conversation pieces with some very different answers for which input might be nice. A lot of those include influence choices so it’s easiest to just throw out a vote for Katarina or Lucas. With Katarina, we’ll probably get more pragmatic, skeptic responses, whereas Lucas is more honourable, trusting. Katarina is also more forgiving whereas Lucas is somewhat judgmental, which goes along with his holier-than-thou attitude. We have almost equal amounts of influence with both, and I've kept them both decently up to date with items. (I might have more problems with the next boss with Katarina, but I don't mind trying the fight with her)

To illustrate the differences, in case we had an Anjali NPC instead, her previous options in conversations would’ve included such gems as always agreeing with Odo, arguing to go after Jeyne, pressing to attack the First People village, and calling Phineas naïve.

None this time.