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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 15: Meisters and Manx

We explore Stonebridge and meet lots of people, and goblins, and…whatever the hell that other thing is.

* The image is, of course, Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. I didn’t feel like giving it the same colours as I’d previously done to fit the theme of the cutscenes, not only does this look better, it felt more fitting for Stonebridge as well.

A few things to vote on. First, the matter of the civil dispute between Baron Barrenbaron and Hans. The rights Hans cites actually exist but the term is wrong, he doesn’t actually mean eminent domain, which is the power of the state to take private property for public use, but he’s referring to squatting, a type of adverse possession. Regardless of technicalities, which side are we going to pick? The landlord or the farmer? Or do split the property?

Furthermore, we have two missions and areas to go to, the Great Foundry where there seems to be something amiss with Cyclopses, or the Crypts of the Sacred Blood, to solve the mystery of the abducted automatons. If you’d like to see these in any particular order, vote on it.

Finally, we could vote for a companion, but I think I can safely assume that it is time to bring Reinhart about on our trips so that we can be inadvertently informed of our ignorance as well as of his magical splendour.


Stonebridge History Volumes 1-5