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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 19: Trials

With the problems at the Foundry resolved, we head on and finally get to meet the elusive Dapper Old Gent.

* The image is derived from an iconograph of Galileo’s trial.

Some remarks on the video. I made a few, perhaps slightly jarring cuts during the last conversation because it’s basically two conversations spliced into one to show the most informative parts.

Spoilers about this episode below
The Dapper Old Gent is justifiably troubled over the Legion’s past in Stonebridge, with the entire ‘purge’ going unpunished. But his methods were less than commendable, and his actual aim was to drive Stonebridge into ruin, an act of vengeance rather than justice, although justice would’ve been obviously difficult for him to accomplish on his own.

Stonebridge, meanwhile, has been harbouring war criminals, and has let wanton theft and murder go unpunished. They weren’t the instigators of the slaughter of the Legion, but as the Gent says, they did join while nobody protested overly much.

Finally, there’s to consider the Legion’s interests. With everyone but Odo and the Gent from the old Legion eradicated, the Gent is the last remainder of Legion spellcraft and, apparently, the ability to create causeways. With Meisters Fiddlewick, Mudgutter and Wulf, we have the votes we need but helping the Gent is obviously going to leave a bad taste with the populace of Stonebridge.

And with that, we get to what I think is one of the most interesting choices in the game. So, what will it be, are we going to hand over the Dapper Old Gent to Stonebridge, or are we going to claim the Gent for the Legion?