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Part 21: Legion of Aranoi

Been away for a bit to finish off some work. Publishers really seem to like short deadlines. I’m back now, so:

In which we gain a new power, Reinhart looks grumpy, Anjali dopey, and we see lots of sand.

* The image is derived from the movie poster of Lawrence of Arabia. Back from when there wasn’t CGI but people still somehow made movies, this one almost 4 hours long.

At the end, there are some cutscenes of choices we didn't take. The first one is what would've happened to the Gent if we had both kept Gunderic Manor as well as let the Gent join the Legion, the other two are what would've happened to the Gent and the Mayoral election in Stonebridge if we had handed the Gent over to the authorities.

Finally, the knockback I talk about at some point is not from Reinhart, it’s the AoE attack that can proc whenever I crit. But somehow the knockdown is a lot more noticeable with these enemies than in previous areas.

The lore adds some nice info to the area we’re currently in. Apparently, the last time the Legion was in the desert we kinda fucked up in retaliation to a dead Saint, so we made a whole lot more dead, or a new kind of very angry eternal life, whichever you prefer.