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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 22: Sand and Fire

We continue our ventures in the re-conquest of lands previously liberated from the living.

* The image is derived from Edwin Lord Weeks’ Arrival of a Caravan Outside the City of Morocco. Couldn’t find the date, but probably late nineteenth century.

No lore this time but as I mentioned, we might want to respect at some point, so let’s go through all the skills and talents. The level cap used to be 30 in the original game but was raised to 35 in the DLC.

First up, specialisations. We get 1 point per level, for a total of 35 points. Every skill can have 5 specialisation points, to be distributed over two specialisations. We get enough points to specialise 7 out of 9 skills.

No need to make a full build, just throw out some ideas.

Skill specializations
Aura of Immolation: fiery patch
- Fiery Presence, +10% damage per point
- Cauterize, slow 2% heal per point (very most likely not worth it, heals too slowly)

Fall from the Heavens: jump up and plunge down
- Thunderous Descent, 10% chance for knock down per point, lasts 4 seconds
- Heaven’s Fury, +10% damage per point

Hurl Spear
- Blinding Strike, 5% chance per point to stun
- Incendiary Javelin, 20% chance per point to set fire to enemies

Inner Warmth: heal
- Searing Warmth, 10% chance per point to damage attackers
- Rejuvenating Spark, +2% health regen per point

Pillar of Fire
- Staggering Heat, slows by 15% per point
- Relentless Inforno, +10% damage per point

Spinning Kick
- Crushing Impact, 10% change per point to stun
- Fire Dance, 20% chance to set fire to enemies per point

Ignite: buff, adds 50% Will to weapon damage
- Everlasting Flame, 20% chance to set fire to enemies per point
- Radiating Warmth, 5% chance per point to regain health when attacking

Summon Jackal
- Tireless Companion, additional hit points per point
- Canine Conflagration, 10% chance per point to set fire to enemies

Volatile Barrier
- Shroud of Radiance, barrier absorbs 10% more damage per point
- Fiery Backlash, explosion when barrier collapses deals 20% more damage per point

Now, for the talents. Here we also get 1 point per level, 35 points total. We get enough points to fully spec into 7 out of a total of 10 talents.

Radiant Will
+5% bonus to Will per point (more Will means more ability damage)

Grace of Flame
5% of agility also increases block value per point

Spiritual Devastation
4% chance to stun enemies per point

Phoenix’s Warmth
10% chance per point to regenerate

Critical hits grant additional Focus

+4% to all heals per point

Fury of Fire
Killing an enemy gives a 10 second damage boost, 2% per point

Critical hits gain a 3% chance per point to spawn an AoE attack that also knocks down enemies

Defender’s Advantage
Gain a damage boost whenever you block

3% chance per point to set attacking enemies ablaze