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Part 26: Talking Animals

Picking up the hand of the Saint, we murder our way through a horde of skeletons and mummies, and are faced with our greatest enemy yet, slow voice acting.

* The image is derived from a Flickr photo of a Winged Bull from the Palace of Sargon II, currently in the Louvre, also referred to as a Lamassu.

Spoilers below, of course.

Having found the missing and rather dead du Marnay, we are left with the choice of what to do with his daughter, Sister Eleanor. We can either tell her to join the Legion, or persuade her to stay with the Church. The consequences are already expanded upon by the big stone cat, albeit rather slowly.

If I recall correctly, I don’t think there are any cutscenes for the consequences of this choice, at least there aren’t any appropriate video files in the folders or on the internet. Seems like a missed opportunity to me, but apart from that, this has been a decent DLC as far as DLC’s go. Gameplay-wise, the most important addition is probably enchanting. The ultimate abilities can also make a pretty big difference in the appropriate spots, especially if you don’t keep forgetting that you have them like me.

Incidentally, the entire Dungeon Siege franchise seems to currently be on sale at Steam, selling for €5 or whatever your regional equivalent will be. Buying DS3 and its DLC separately is more expensive than the pack, but unless you like getting bored I wouldn’t recommend playing DS1 for more than the first 10 minutes.

MartianAgitator posted:

If you wanna show off your buddies' weapons and they aren't in the correct stance you can select Toggle Stance in the pause menu and it'll carry over to when you go back into the game.

I didn't know that, I'll give it a shot next time I want to switch some weapons. I think I'm up to date with showing everything Lucas has recently acquired, which is a ton compared to all the other characters, but Katarina should still have some guns that I haven't shown yet.