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Part 29: The End

The end. All is well. Mostly well.

To confirm, we're going with the rebuilding ending, and we'll be bringing Katarina along.

* The image is derived from Viktor Vasnetsov’s Apocalypse. There is a surprising lack of good, old/famous art of balls of fire raining down from the heavens, most apocalypse paintings just show a host of boring as fuck angels, not even the Diablo type of angels. At least the horses are interesting, even though there aren’t any horses in the LP.

Out of all the Kassynder endings, the one we picked probably has the most positive tones. The others invariably turn out rather dreary. I’ve assembled the lot of them at the end of the video.

I’ve checked, and apart from a very short in-game sword-slash sound and Kassynder lying on the group, you don’t get any cutscene if you choose to kill her. There’s also no difference between what I earlier called A1 and A2, which feels a bit disappointing. I’m sure plenty of people wanted to murder the hell out of her by the end of the game, if at least to get rid of her name.

Incidentally, in case you’ve missed any of the many Jeyne Kassynder’s, here’s a Jeyne Kassynder summary, containing a total of 79 full Jeyne Kassynder’s. Almost one and a half minute of glorious Jeyne Kassynder.

Doing a long LP of almost 30 videos was a new thing for me, Revenant only took 16, Shadowrun 10 videos. I’ve found that I prefer shorter games for LP’ing. Longer stuff isn’t really bad in any way, but after a certain amount of footage you’re starting to run out of mechanics to explain and skills to practice, and there’s only so much coherent and on-point rambling you can come up with. Luckily DS3 had a decent narrative and choices to keep things interesting, but for future LP’s I’m definitely not going to pick games that are really long. I can’t imagine LP’ing anything in the 50+ hours range.