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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 4


(Note: These interludes will pop in every now and then between rulers, to summarize past events, and add a little bit of continuity between rulings. I'd really appreciate if the OP would link to these as well. FOR PLAYERS: please PM me or email me at swatjester at gmail dot com with the information for the vital stats.)

NARRATOR : And so it came to pass that the dwarves of Palmlanterns, led by their mighty leader Phrog , settled in their new home, Headshoots. The journey was frought with danger, and lots of fucking zombies. Young ones, there is much I can tell you about the story of these brave dwarves. Well, mostly brave. Verviticus was a pussy...

Verviticus : Hey!

NARRATOR ...and SWATJester a hallucinating drunkard...

SWATJester : Dude, I looked into that chasm.....and it looked back into me....

NARRATOR : Ahem. And lest we forget, the noble sacrifice of R2D2...

LCQC : it's LCQC asshole

NARRATOR :... who bravely laid down his life, being clawed to fucking death by a skeletal fire imp, for the holiest of treasures....the rainbow trout. Meanwhile Facial Butter built our needed still from rocks...

Facial Butter : SPECIAL rocks.

NARRATOR : and Moto42 decided to torture a rat, and then got headbutted in the spine.

Moto42 : I cut it to watch it bleed. The pain is like a sudden rush for me.

NARRATOR : But lo! In our darkest hour, when we seemed doomed for a life of mediocrity.....we strike........ADAMANTIUM and are visited by a caravan ! And on this joyous note, our mighty Phrog has decided to abdicate the throne to that scoundrel, the evil Vox Nihili. Will Headshoots survive? Will the undead naked mole rats rape LCQC's still unburied body? That, my children, is a story for another day.

Ruled this interlude: Phrog
Born this interlude: 0
Died this interlude: LCQC (killed by Landslantern, the Skeletal Fire Imp during the reign of Phrog).
Went mad this interlude: 0
Became legendary this interlude: 0
Artifacts this interlude: 0