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Part 7

From the Journal of the Mineral Overseer

Spring, Continued

Phrog carries the outpost's only axe, and the two resident war dogs follow him loyally, so he will have to be the one to fight the creature. He runs down the halls screaming wildly, as other dwarves scramble about in panic. Then, suddenly, silence. Phrog jogs back to the meeting area, boasting of victory. When I go to inspect the scene of battle, however, I find that he has merely managed to lock the beast in his own massive tomb. This will have to do for now.

It then proceeds to fuck up Phrog's tomb. No big loss.

Apparently our activity here has attracted the attention of kobolds. Though no one has yet to actually lay eyes on one, valuable weapons left in the corpses of the undead by caravan guards have gone missing.

No matter. Each day we dig deeper, discovering more and more adamantine. As we dig deeper, the deposits grow richer. The wealth located in this place is enough to drive a dwarf mad. I order our miners to continue excavating as much of the precious mineral as possible, while also digging up veins of galena and tetrahedrite. Though the surface of this place is barren, the depths are swollen with wealth. (Eath blue * is a stone of adamantine ore.)




The supposed administrator of this place, Phrog, has questioned the wisdom of delving so far into the adamantine deposits. I flash my royal badge and insist that he redeem himself for insulting my intelligence by clearing our entryway of the undead. He grabs a shield and axe and is off.