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Part 8

Journal of the Mineral Overseer, From the Desk of the Queen

Spring, Continued

Phrog proves to be more than willing to prove himself.

He eagerly dispatches a zombie that managed to get inside.

Then moves outside to fight a skeleton and another zombie.

He tears apart the skeleton and sends the zombie flying dozens of feet through the air.

He goes off to attack three more nearby...

And promptly wrecks their shit. Phrog has proven himself a worthy dwarf today.

Despite everything, it looks like the situation here is turning out alright. Fortress value is booming, food supplies are stable, and the elven caravan is here!

Oh no. Not landslantern again...

The elves attempt to escape...

But it is for naught. Their mule is hit with a fireball...

And landslantern moves in to finish it off. The elves survive, but with their beloved heart friend burnt to cinders, they have no interest in trading here anymore. As a silver lining, the mule drops its load as it dies, meaning potential salvage for us later if we can get past the fire imps.

(Next update includes the huge immigration and the arrival of Queen Sankis)