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Part 10

Journal of The Mineral Overseer, From the Desk of Phrom


The good Queen Sankis seems to have adapted decently to life here, complaining often of her rooms but otherwise getting along well enough. Digging is going well. I feel several more layers of adamantine could be safely mined, but I have no desire to be THAT dwarf that goes down in history as bringing about the destruction of all non-demonic life, so with a heavy heart I have ordered that no more adamantine be mined at this time. Not that we are short of the precious metal- dozens of strands and wafers await skilled hands already, and piles of adamantine ore lie on the ground. Truly this place is mad-

Yep, just one of the resident zombie trolls strolling by outside our paper-thin soil walls. Such wealth here, and so little keeping the evil outside at bay.

Oh thank Nish, the caravan is here. Wagons full of supplies. Now let's just hope that nothing gets in its way...

The local wildlife is looking more tame than usual. This is good, this is good, I think everything is going to be ok.


And he brought a friend with him this time.

Fortunately, dwarven livestock are a bit sturdier than the elvish equivalent. This camel takes a fireball from the legendary landslantern and continues on his way.

Caravan guards know no fear, and rush in.

They catch landslantern and his compatriot still stalking the unarmed traders, and smash them into oblivion from behind. So falls landslantern, who so fully embodied the atmosphere of this place. I had hoped to kill him personally, but this outcome is just as positive for us.

And so the caravan arrives. Wood, sweet, sweet tower-cap wood! And tons of leather, meat, fish, barrels, and booze! Phrog trades the vast majority of our stone crafts, throwing in the late LCQC's valuable giant cave spider silk clothes and a few gold goblets to seal the deal.

Big final update with a lot more action coming up, including list of dwarves with names. Not everyone is making it out alive this time...

Some tidbits: