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Part 12

Excerpts from Febrezeninja's Address Given in the Meeting Hall

People of the last mountainhome, we have suffered great tragedy this week. I am not much of a speaker, but I feel that what Vox told me must be spoken aloud. First, let us have a moment of silence for Orangesoda and Vox, both good fellows who were involved with work above the call of duty even for a dwarf.

Second, let us speak of why we are here now. With the death of mad Queen Sankis, there is clearly no reason to build the capitol here. But Vox. Vox heard the words of Nish in his very mind as he lay dying. He heard divine truth from the goddess herself, and spoke it to me alone. And here I pass it along to you, my brothers and sisters in pick, hammer, and blood. What we have in this place is bigger than any of us, bigger than all of us. For we have settled upon the very ROOT of evil itself, and every day that we weather and toil here in this sanctuary the darkness of this place grows weaker. Even as we speak, the demons trapped at the root of this tortured mountain plot our downfall. The destruction of recent years has its very source in this mountain we now dwell upon. Even our queen, Sankis, was an agent of evil. Nish speaks that the Sankis travels throughout the planes of existence, haunting, possessing, and tormenting as it goes. It has now returned to its home in the base of this very mountain. It is our duty to open up the heart of this rock and tear out the demons within.

The goblins will hinder us at every step. Even now, an ambush party stalks the hillside. They know we are vulnerable, and they too seek to snuff us out. But more dwarves will come. More people of the right path will assist us.

We must use our machines and our might to blaze a trail into the heart of darkness, for we today are the Fellowship of the Right! The righteous will triumph, here, upon this mountain.

A the dwarves cheer, Professor Bling seems suddenly inspired and runs off alone.

Professor Bling runs down to the metalcrafting hall and claims a magma furnace, quickly grabbing up two wafers of adamantine and nothing else
(Fortunately, I took the liberty of training all dwarves with no skills/non-moodable skills just slightly in various metalcrafting fields. Note that otherwise I did nothing at all to interfere with moods, items used, etc.)

What he creates will be envied even by the gods. Dwarves fall to their knees as they witness its splendor..

Light as a feather, tougher than diamond, imbued with finer art than Nish herself wrought when She created this world, perfectly fit for the greatest dwarven hero to wear.

Let it be noted that Professor Bling is now a legendary armorsmith, and has created full suits of excellent iron chain armor and adamantine shields for our four resident warriors: Wanderingknitter, Holisticdetective, Dirtydeedsdone, and Nemo2342. They lack quality weapons befitting of their armor, however.

Additionally, let it be known that the goblin menace has arrived, and is warring with the undead for the chance to destroy us.

Oh, and a special gift for the next ruler (I suggest you wait until you get the dungeon master to utilize it):

Legendaries include: Mrgreenshirt, miner. Verviticus, miner. Professorbling, Armorer. Drakenel, leatherworker. Our four soldiers are all elite wrestlers, though none have gained champion status yet. Three deaths and 22 migrants give us 25 dwarves now.

Hints for the next rulers:
-We have crappy iron weapons, but 4 decent obsidian swords could give our soldiers the edge they need.
-There are lots of intermittent thieves and snatchers, and currently at least one ambush party on the map.
-The adamantine dig is currently some 8 levels above the bottom floor, so I'd estimate 3 more safe levels of digging, MAX.
-Uploading all this shit is a fucking pain with waffleimages down.
-Traps are for pussies and elves.

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