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Part 13

Bonus Infodump Post! Copying this stuff from the files, get from it what you can. Going to post the map archive in this post too, if possible. Look for updates.

Our Civ, its Deities and Leaders
The Pulley of Freckles, Dwarves
Worship List
En"r, deity: metals, minerals, jewels
Ertal the Gem of Jades, deity: wealth
Tosid, deity: fortresses
Nun—r the Umbral Silver of Spines, deity: mountains, caverns
Nish, deity: speech, persuasion, poetry, crafts, creation
Soshosh, deity: youth, birth, lies, trickery, treachery
Rimad Blossomflukes, deity: games, luck, children
Ishen Seedromances the Passionate Petals, deity: pregnancy
Lors‹th the Mist of Guises, deity: victory, war, twilight
Sirab, deity: volcanos
Ruler List
[*] S†kzul Lanternanguish (b.??? d. 9, Reign Began: 1), *** Original Line, Married (d. 77)
4 Children (out-lived 1 of them) -- Ages at death: 8 6 4
Worshipped Nun—r the Umbral Silver of Spines (15%)
[*] `Sankis' Healedtowers (b.??? d. 107, Reign Began: 10), *** New Line, Married (d. 86)
5 Children (out-lived 2 of them) -- Ages at death: 105 (d. 61) 97 94
Worshipped Rimad Blossomflukes (76%)

Dwarf Fortress Map Archive HERE
DFMA upload showing the region at the end of my turn!
Check out the points of interest, look around at the undead wildlife, etc.