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Part 15

Journal of All-Mighty Leader Verviticus, Reigning King After the Death of Sankis, Queen

1st Granite, Early Spring

It looks like I took over this dump after the death of our Queen and interim leader Vox. I guess I'll be taking over the duties for both of them, at least until we're given proper nobility.

Hm, now that I think about it, this IS the mountainhome, and I am leading it.

Well, I might as well choose a title.

8th Granite, Early Spring

After a survey of Phrog's written work, and a quick look at our military, I have chosen HolisticDetective as the new leader of our small but soon to be proven military. As leader, he gets his first choice of equipment - we won't pretend he didn't want to be well protected.

His subordinates will have to make due with what's left, then.

Swords for everybody!

15th Granite, Early Spring

Only minutes after another goblin ambush, both parties fled our settlement. Perhaps they knew I became the leader - that would scare anybody. Regardless, before leaving, they killed what few dwellers were outside, short of a Zombie Giant Bat. Considering that this was all that stood between us and freedom above ground, I dispatched our military. Our prayers are with them.

16th Granite, Early Spring

Forget prayers!

All that training under Vox's tenure has paid off. It's time to remove some of the more dangerous denizens.

We find a large group of troglodytes, skeletal and zombie, and prepare for a fight

We commence!

Oh goddamnit why does this happen to me (and MrGreenShirt, but he's expendable)

The good:

The bad:

I go to my bed to rest. I guess I will have to work my administrative magic from my bedroom...

25th Felsite, Late Spring

Some interesting news - a new migrant (of our recent wave of 22; I HATE migrants - they were sent to clean up the trash for now) given hauling duties was recently possessed by some unknown force. He seems to want a Jeweler's Workshop, but we have no such facilities here, or anyone with the skill to construct such a thing! I fear the worst...

I rest in my new abode. I am comforted by a statue I recently had commissioned - a nice light blue colour and well crafted.

Now I must rest. My head is sore.

The migrant wave was a whole pile of peasants and totally useless dwarves. Most everyone got a hauler job - sorry if you asked for something else, but there's a point where so many dwarves can only be categorized before I go insane, so to prevent that, you guys got to fill out the cracks.

The bonus: you aren't typecast!

Summer should be up sometime tomorrow.