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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 17

Journal of Verviticus, 27th Hematite:

I am in my own capacity to write now, no need of that soon to be expended dwarf MrGreenShirt. He did a good job while I needed his help, though, and I'll consider that when I order him to mine out the rest of the adamantine. For another day though...

To deal with the goblin menace, I drafted a few of the more violent dwarves to assist. Funny squad name that, and it's only a half-truth - yes, they smell bad, but they surely aren't armoured!

I tell them to confront the goblins, and what happens next can only be described as.. odd.

Jackard leads the charge bravely until the last moment, when he suddenly runs away. With him goes the squad of wrestlers I had drafted to help our heroes! He later claimed that he was just "thirsty".

The aftermath. Halving our numbers had an amazing effect on the enemy goblins. Instead of being bolstered by the cowardice of our dwarves, they too could no longer stomach the fight, and attempted to escape. The dead you see here are what our soon-to-be champions caught in the ensuing chaos.

(ed. note: there is another goblin there that blinked away, and one more off screen. The other three goblins just ran off the edge of the map to the right)

Our kills leader so far!