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Part 21

Journal of Verviticus, All-Mighty Leader
1st Granite, Early Spring, 109

As spring comes, I wear tired of leading our Mountainhome - something about the responsibility of keeping the peasants updated on the grand works of our mining project has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I now drop the responsibility to a Dwarf who calls himself "Kippling". Frankly, I've had no contact with this Dwarf, and I don't really care to.

Under my reign of safety and security, I've grown our small dwarf military into a larger, much more powerful force of recruits and Champions to lead them:

I've grown our wealth beyond what most Dwarves could even imagine. Our food stocks are running low, but I'm a MINER, NOT A FARMER, and I'll leave perhaps a future leader to take care of the food in proper fashion:

Our settlement, despite being the richest in the kingdom, attracted only a handful of migrants - which is good, I hate migrants and I hope they never come again.

Finally, some bad news. Two of our new recruits were injured quite severely while sparring, to the point where they were unable to get up of their own accord to drink. As we all know that drinking while lying down causes instant death, water was all we could give to them. Unfortunately, our river froze before the cistern project was complete, and we lost two brave dwarves this year.

Saitorr, some dwarf I've never heard of, you will be missed:

Finally, I express regret at not mining out the remaining Adamantine. Our current stocks are enough to fully equip upward of seven or eight Dwarves encased in the stuff, and at the behest of the ENTIRE FORTRESS, my wonderful Demon-Releasing System will have to wait until another day.

Should anyone need details on how it works, feel free to ask me.

Now I can go back to digging.