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Part 23

Alrighty then. I've picked up the savegame, but it's too late to start now (I'm in GMT timezone). I'll get started properly tomorrow, however I'll give a bit of back story right away because I intend to roleplay a bit.

My general plan is to start work on some kind of doomsday weapon, with tons of levers, indoor magma plumbing, screw pumps, floodgates, pits, deathchambers, exploding wine barrels, kitten cages and more levers. It's only my third game, but I think i've got the hang of doomsday construction. I'm hoping Verticus left the fort so it can pretty much run itself while I get building.

--- Excerpt from the diaries of Brother Kippling, Mid Winter, 108 ---

"The past few months of preparation have been very successful, High Bishop Waleran was delighted with the condition of the monastery during his visit. We have achieved so much since I first arrived here. No longer is the priory run down and forgotten. With the Lord's favour we have turned this place around, people travel for days to see the relics and the collection bins are overflowing with donations."

--- Excerpt from the diaries of Brother Kippling, Late Winter, 108 ---

"A letter for Bishop Waleran arrived today. In light of the newfound wealth and success of the priory, he has chosen to reward me with a new opportunity to serve the Lord. Saints be praised! Enclosed in the letter was a map and directions to a distant outpost called 'Headshoots'. I have been instructed to travel there as soon as possible, to ensure the light of the Lord stretches to this new frontier. The Bishop ensures me that the priory will be well taken care of during my absence. He is sending his personal treasurer here to administrate and to ensure the donations are used to further the works of the Lord. My heart is filled with joy at the prospect of finding a new flock, I will prepare for the journey at once"

--- Excerpt from the diaries of Brother Kippling, Early Spring, 109 ---

"I can finally see the peaks of the mountain ahead but the journey has been harder than I ever imagined. This place is... bleak. The stench of sulphur fills the air and the treeless landscape is battered by harsh winds. I have the terrible feeling I am being watched, so I have prayed for the Lord's divine protection. As soon as I have composed myself I will set off for the final stretch of the trek. When I arrive I must find the strength to bring the light of the Lord here. I hope I have not arrived too late."