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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 24

-- Excerpt from the diaries of an unknown peasant, Early Spring, 109 --

"On our last hauling expedition into the wilderness I found a traveller, wearing what looked like monks habits, lying face down between two boulders. He was caked from head to toe in what seemed to be dwarven excrement, lying next to him was the raw half consumed corpse of the kitten that disappeared yesterday. We took him inside and cleaned him up a bit... Unfortunately there was an accident on the way back in and Monket was crushed to death by the main drawbridge. We're not going to tell the monk right away, he seems mentally fragile enough as it is."

-- Excerpt from the diaries of Brother Kippling, Early Spring, 109 --

"The traditional protective ward failed. I awoke today within the fort and I consider myself lucky to be alive, the storm came in too fast and I lost my way. Luckily he Lord chose to provide me with a delicious native animal to keep me fed throughout the night. I had a look around the fort and they are impressively wealthy - they even have a masterwork adamantium tomb outside the main entrance, for a dwarf call Verticus."

-- Excerpts from the diaries of Brother Kippling, Mid Spring, 109 --

"The fortress truly is the only light in this wasteland. Fearsome demons and the undead stalk the valleys outside. But I must be strong. The dwarves here have long been away from the teachings of the Lord and I must show them back to the light."
"Last week a dwarf produced a truly legendary piece of craftsdwarfship, a crown worth 600,000 of the local currency. However I am unnerved by it. Upon it is an image of a wave that has appeared in my dreams, along with my own death."

-- Excerpt from the diaries of an unknown engineer, Early Spring, 109 -

"With the departure of the Elven caravan and the construction of the crown everything is in place. Construction begins tomorrow..."

-- Excerpt from the diaries of an unknown peasant, Late Spring, 109 --

"Another wave of immigrants arrived, along with a Dungeon Master. God help them. Their pet cow spontaneously combusting on the way in was a bad omen."