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Part 27

Here we go!!

Diary of Chief Engineer Royal W:

1st Granite:
With the successful test of the Fort's Emergency Containment System, we are finding ourselves short a leader. It seems as though the only surviving previous overseer is quite content to wander about, nose buried in a book; or, indulge in his newest hobby: aerobic excercise:

He's staying in shape, and helping the greater good toward it's ultimate security. Either way, he is too busy to be managing the day-to-day operations of our glorious Headshoots.

So, it falls to me to guide our people to glory and security now and in the future!

It seems as though my first challenge has already presented itself. A small Goblin raiding party has come to test itself against the might of the Dwarfs. Fortunately, a lookout was able to spot them coming in time for us to raise the drawbridge, allowing our champions to rest up and be fully refreshed going into battle.

As I expected, our fine military handled the "threat" quite efficiently. They even took time out for a little sport:

Right into the pillar! It's good!

Here's something to get started. I'll try to post as I go, so expect a few regular updates!