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Part 29

For a fort this size, we have a depressingly small number of miners. I have commissioned a run of picks to be made in order to facilitate our continued expansion.

When will dwarfs learn to keep their pet population under control? The amount of mangy dogs allowed to roam the fort at will is alarming to say the least. Then I find out that we don't even employ a butcher? When did the elves come in to keep us from our meat? This has since been remedied.

2nd Felsite, 110

Looks like we've had some more brave souls venture out to our fort. I think they will be used to bolster our military. While I have absolute faith in the Strength of the Righteous Barricades, I'd rather be on the safe side.


So ends the season of spring, 110 here at Headshoots. That took longer than I expected, so I will have to pick this up tomorrow after work and try to knock out at least another season. Expect an update tomorrow night.