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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 30

27th Hematite, 110

One of our newcomers, punkaone, has found his muse and is currently headed to claim a leatherworks.

Some humans have arrived and seem interested in bartering with us. Let's see how much we can take from them for our superior "works"

Te enemy has besieged our home! The time to act is now!

All Nemo2342 wanted was some water

Don't come between a dwarf and his water.

Apparently, our weapon designs were unnecessary. we have a roving pack of doomsday devices at our disposal.


We have a visitor. I'll update as soon as this ends.

EDIT: I forgot to put these pictures in here, but they just can't go unseen!

The force of impact was so storng, that goblin was decapitated and dismembered when he hit the wall. the little chunk to the right of his corpse is his head