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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 31

Do not FUCK with Headshoots! We bring the Gods themselves to their knees!

Props to HolisticDetective for the kill, with Wanderingknitter on the assist.

14th Limestone, 110

Autumn is now upon us, and we are preparing for the winter ahead.

I've taken some time to remodel areas of our fort.

While this room may have worked when our fort was a simple stopping point, I feel that it is time to upgrade in order for more of our dwarfs to sit comfortably.

(also seen: expanded food storage)

I've also expanded and engraved the workers' and nobles' living quarters. We have room for another decently-sized wave of immigrants.

Nemo2342 posted:

Am I a champion yet? Also, that's pretty awesome that we took down a titan. Maybe we should go after the demons guarding our sweet sweet adamantium next?
Not yet, still elite.

GruntyThrst posted:

Hey where's the artifact description page. Don't hold back on us.

Here are the artifacts I (think I) havent posted yet.