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Part 36

17th Felsite, 111

Same ol same ol, Yivgev is being constantly harassed by goats (which he makes short work of later on)

I notice that a previous ruler thought it would be a good idea to create coins. I personally despise coins and overall the entire concept of the economy for us stout dwarves, for economies are for the weak and brittle humies. I designate them all to be melted immediately.

I also notice that yet another previous ruler (one that had a good idea) was starting a mining pattern to try and find more ore and valuable stone. I continue this plan.

Goodie, a Hammerer! Oh, a baron too. Damn it. I'll start carving out rooms immediately.

Meanwhile, Bobatron becomes possessed and begins making an artifact.


The engravers set to engrave the baron's room have created masterpieces all over the goddamned place, yet the baron still thinks it's horrid. (this is why I hate nobles)

Also, I have made AmadeusVonBlastoise, Phrosphor, Tag Plastic, OutOfPrint, and Spanish Matlock dwarves, so you can cross them off from the dwarf wishlist