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Part 37

15th Malachite, 111

nothing interesting, I try to meet the count's expectations by giving him the ultimate badass cabinet so he'll stop whining

there, now shut up while I improve the military

I create armor and promote some jobless pump operators to become wrestlers, in case of a sudden siege or megabeast.

great armok it's boring around here

A Humie guild representative arrives to trade Humie items such as toys and cloth and cheese. I later trade some last-minute stone crafts for a couple barrels of booze and some bars of iron.

You guys are lucky, you all got bronze colussi and titans, I'm stuck with goblin snatchers and goats (who are both, most of the time, dead)

I'm hella bored here, so how about somebody think of an idea for me to pull off and I'll do it.