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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 41

1st Granite: I've arrived at Headshoots. The count was disappointed by Headshoots lacking military and judicial system so I was requested to come whip it into shape. Plenty of undead in the area so my hammer won't be gathering any dust.

9th Granite: I've drafted more into the military doubling its size and completed the royal and fortress guard. Next up is the justice system.

12th Granite: So many puppies and kittens around. At first I thought Headshoots was carpeted cause the little buggers do naught but lie around. I got in touch with Silenceofthehams our resident butcher. He seemed very pleased when I told him he would have 60 small animals to chop up. It's good to know some dwarves take pride in what they do. Half the shiftless buggers spend their days complaining about the lack of alcoholic diversity. They seem to have forgotten most fortresses survive on water.

The adult dogs were trained into weapons of war by our new trainer Kennel. No force will match the might of The Attic of Squids.

Elves showed up with crates of cloth to sell. They complimented us on not having harmed a tree. Said it was good to see us being so sensitive to our natural

I would of murdered them for slander but instead offered them one of our fine wooden handled swords. They were not impressed.
There's magma alongside the depot, left there from some uncompleted trap. I ordered one of the architects to arrange it so next year when the elves return we can melt them and their useless products.

Mid-spring: The jail has been completed, five iron chains to keep even the hardiest criminal in place. Glass doors so the guards can keep an eye on things without having to worry bout the smell.

I took a stroll through the halls of legends, engravings depicting the history of Headshoots. BrokenBox is the most profilic engraver but his inspiration seems to be running dry. After making a few of the amazing armour "Fellowship of Right" he's gone on to engraving himself engraving.

Unfortunately the other artifacts don't make for impressive engravings.

Plenty show the victories of dwarves over beasts and a few show the tragic losses incurred along the way.

Late-Spring: One season here and the atmosphere is getting to me. Even launching the undead with my hammer doesn't excite me like it used to. I have to do something to lift the spirits of the men. A war is what's needed and I have to find us an enemy.

I don't mind players voting on what's to be done. I was planning on starting a epic brawl. The elves left in a hissy fit but I don't think I angered them enough to siege. Plenty of Adamantine weapons and armours are being produced and the army has about 38 troops, along with 8 royal guard and 12 fortress.
The forts become a logistical nightmare with 400 hundred units of wine and plenty of beds yet loads of dwarves are complaining about a lack of both. I setup some job orders when I arrived and the mayor still hasn't seen to it. Drastically reducing the population is a must if future leaders want to have fun.
Demons or a war with the humans will accomplish this.