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Part 42

A new noble has arrived, Tinny_tim the philosopher.

The amount of adamantine weapons constructed is unfortunately less than I ordered. A previous overseer in a reckless display of extravagance built a number of floodgates from the precious metal. They're mighty fine, worth nearly a million all together, but demons and dragons can't be killed by floodgates.

A worthy opponent has arrived. Enticed by the wealth of Headshoots Istrath Sweltherheated the Dragon has been spotted by our watchmen. It's time for these pudgy fighters to earn the right to be called warrior.

GreenIce, captainawesome, Joden, serelon, dirtydeedsdone, mofeta, myself and some nameless recruits amass for battle. CaptainAwesome bravely leads the charge and catches a facefull of dragonbreath.

We surround the dragon and brave the fire it spews. Our hammers, spears and swords crash upon it from all sides. Mofeta Delivers the fatal strike piercing the foul beats rear right leg. The gushing blood and intense pain is too much and it passes out.

CaptainAwesome still on fire walks ahead to the fort. A cloud of smoke trails behind yet he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort.

Alas CaptainAwesome succumbed as the fire ate through his body. He will be remembered for his notable part as dragon slayer of Headshoots.
I commissioned engravings to be placed along the entrance way in his honour. Unfortunately the engravers had different pieces in mind. Brokenbox continues to carve himself making his previous works while SirSamVimes carves the lesser known artifacts of Headshoots, Immortalitydripped the elk leather dress and Eldersclear the tower-cap bin are his favourites.

A joyous day Silenceofthehams marries the peasant Ilral.

What horrors are this. while excavating more adamatine the miners found a peculir chamber. Humans, dwarfs and elfs are caged, chained and impaled on spikes. I told the men to seal it off. I've heard stories of these demon pits, gateways into the depths of hell some call them.

Too late. Fire demons fell upon my men quicker than the chamber could be resealed. Apotheosis and JustTerrible were quickley struck down. The stairs has been floored over. Royal W, MrGreenShirt, DirtyDeedsDone, Drakenel, Googes and GreenIce were all lost in the mayhem. One legendary swordmaster Iden was reported to have killed a spirit of fire.

So much death, so many dwarves slipped into depression.

Whitecloak is new mayor as Sejs Cube reign of tyrannical mandates is over.

We have not even had time to grieve our dead when invaders attack. Humans come with whips and wild animals.

Broken Mind goes berserk. The wardogs managed to stun him which gave him time to cool off. He bled out while muttering incoherently.

Three units are posted on the front entrance and I'll be patrolling inside incase of another incident of madness. The madness is a sickness brought on by the demons. It spreads like a disease turning dwarfs into bloodthirsty killers or suicidal maniacs. My men are melancholic, I may have to execute them if they turn.

Really eventful summer. The demons appeared from the pit quicker than I expected. but I managed to seal them down along with a few unfortunate dwarves. Currently the fort has about 100 population. A good portion of them are depressed and just standing around, others are throwing tantrums and fighting the huge army of wardogs we have patrolling. The human army looks to be around 20-30 strong, about equal to us.
I'll have the exciting conclusion up tomorrow. the mapfile for anyone who wants a closer look.
The humans are southeast just to the left of the brook and the demon pits are slightly to the left of the main fortress and a couple of levels down.