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Part 43

Another bloodsoaked update.

One of Tyskils underlings approached me with a plan. He suggested we dig down to the demons from outside letting them loose on the countryside. I ordered him to get some rest and had a few guards watch over him. It could be the devils placing thoughts of mass suicide in his delirious brain.
After re-evaluating the siege situation and our current armies strength I think the lad may have been onto something. If it goes well I'll make sure M_Gargantua is remembered.

The miners would never take on such a dangerous mission knowingly. I'll tell them they're making a secondary mine-shaft to access the precious metals and jewels near the chamber.

Another dwarf fallen to madness. This time MohawkSatan went berserk while operating one of WEAPONS pumps. Years of pumping magma has made him strong indeed.

Once again I am left the unenviable task of striking down a fellow dwarf. Green Intern and Jazzimus Prime are first on the scene. Mohawk may have been tough but his skin couldn't resist Jazzimus's obsidian shortsword. Killing fellow dwarves has made the two men very unhappy.

A disenchanted segment of dwarves have formed a rebel faction. Assault and Vandalism are common occurrences from these scum. Riots and the complete collapse of order seem to be their goal. Fakename, Bobatron, punakone, GreenIntern and Swatjester were all named as instigators.

Fakename bled to death during a routine judicial beating for her part in the riots. She leaves behind husband "JustTerrible" and eldest son "SirPenguin".

The other rebels were administered their beating and are recuperiating under guard watch.
WiselearnedMan the Royal Guard has been sentenced to prison for one month following reports of brutality.

Till I can be sure the rebel threat is truly squashed martial law is to be in full effect.

Punakune passed away while resting.

Yugge one of my soldiers has been stricken by melancholy. He refuses to train, eat or drink.

Many of the captured rebels were his friends. As more of my military becomes compromised the rebels gain ground and I am forced to make difficult decisions. I know what must be done. The miners have to work faster, there's only so long I can hold Headshoots together.

BrokenBox has stopped engraving the demons, instead he's decided picking fights will put his chisel to better use.

Sejs Cube has gone on a rampage. It wouldn't surprise me if he was the rebel leader. It is my experience that those who had power will seek ways to regain it.
My dogs of war surrounded him and though he mortally wounded a number of them eventually he was overwhelmed.

Perhaps this is the end of these times of strife.

Bakanogami, one of my miners was taken by a fey mood. The portal project is already behind schedule. Whatever he creates it better be worth it.

Alas the humans are upon us. Gargantuas plan has taken too long.
Joden and ScreamingIdiot are ambushed by 5 humans while on watch over the mining project.

Joden kills 2 while ScreamingIdiot kills the same. Athel finishes off the last one. More arrive only to face the same bloody death as their peers. Blackballoon shows up and takes his fair share of the fray. With 9 bodies littering the land Joden launches the final human off the side of the hill with a thundering strike.

The siege is lifted and we can breath easy for the moment.
Last one will be up in an hour or two. The next leader can look forward to a blood strewn fortress with a few insane survivors or they'll have to reclaim it from firespirits.