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Part 44

GruntyThrst has come down with melancholy.
The decomposing dead is too much for many dwarves to bear. The construction of 10 new coffins should keep them out of sight.

Shadow gamer, Spainish Matlock, marcuz_cz and OutofPrint have been drafted to bolster our numbers.

SilenceoftheHams has gotten extracurricular with his butcher skills. He murdered a horse in the statue garden in a fit of rage.

Despite the death of their suspected leader, the Rebels sentiments continue to echo through Headshoots. Gargantuas plan was too late for the siege but perhaps I can pit the undesirable elements against the demonic entities, killing two carp with one bolt as it were.

Floorislava has gone berserk. This is the third pump operator to go mad. The fumes from pumping magma all day might be impairing their judgement. Serelon purified his corrupt mind with his righteous hammer before his rampage could gather steam.

Bobatron has taken a turn for the worse. In the current chaotic climate no one has brought her water. Her child has not moved from her side since she was first bedridden.

Oblel the marksdwarf has been caught shooting kittens.

Holistic Detective and Veekie were first upon the scene. Holistic administered justice bringing his kill count to 23 and taking his first dwarven life.

The jail swells to 6 imprisioned. FacialButter, WiseLearnedMan, Lazermaniac and OutofPrint are among them. As Lazermaniac continues to riot even while chained I put Serelon in charge of keeping order. If any prisoner wants to break loose they will have to go through him and his squad.

Bakanogami is planning some strange construction. He asks for clear glass, logs, tanned hides, plant cloth and gems. I'd love to see what marvellous artefact he would build but as our stocks currently stands he will most likely not get to finish it.

Fellblade berserks. His skills as a wrestler are unmatched.

Jazzimus, Ilral, Urdem and Mafol the great wardog are torn asunder. This is no ordinary rampage, he has been possessed by the demons of the pit. No dwarf could rip dogs and dwarves in two. The head of Ilral was pulled clean from his body.

WanderingKnitter catches a lucky blow and knocks him out. M_Gargantua was added to the list of Fellblades fallen.

The men have named Fellblades demonic self "The Fluke of Cruxes".

It has become painfully obvious no one can be trusted and the demons in their pit can still wreck havoc. With my holy hammer I will anoint the skulls of the wicked and cast out the evils that have befallen them. If I have to kill every last citizen I will have peace and order.

Greeninterns maniacal laughs echoed down the halls. The joy he took in attacking his fellows was unconscionable. Mofeta took him down before anyone could be seriously injured.

Terrible news. The Countess Consort has gone mad and pummelled her baby to death.

Phrog was the unfortunate discoverer. I can only imagine what effect such a sight has on the mind. He was lucky to be able to outrun her as she ran after him screeching like a banshee. Lilaci and ObMeiste unleashed a barrage of bolts as WanderingKnitter stood toe to toe. Her murderous rampage that cost us 3 wardogs and 1 baby was ended.

TinnyTim was ambushed by an insane milker while grabbing a drink from the brewery.

He didn't survive. The milker didn't get far before the military caught up with him.

Our bridge lies in ruins, Manuel Calavera is the culprit.

SwatJester and ShadowGamer are jailed for crimes against the empire. All cells are in use and until 10 more chains can be made any new crime against the empire will be met with swift beatings/executions.

Smuggins was beaten unconscious for his crimes. According to my chief guard he was using the tunnel system as a hideout after crippling another dwarf with his pick. A good day for justice, a bad day for Project Portal.

Tiny Turtle dies in jail while a chain along with the prisoner attached goes missing. Lazermaniac somehow escaped and now wanders deserted mining shafts in some strange depression.

Kennel murdered SilenceoftheHams while they were having a drink. The wardogs chewed him up quickly enough.

WiseLearnedMan died from exhaustion while tantruming in jail.

With everyone dying or mad and Project Portal never to be finished I return to a previous plan.
A meeting will be called in the room above the gates of hell. One squad will stand guard while Phrog disassembles the floor. The demons will rush forth and we can finally have an end to this menace.

One demon came and Joden struck it down.

His miserable insanity has driven him to follow the pit down.

The others hearing of his dangerous plan have named him "Joden Imagetreaty the Godly Ravage".

His legend will live on provided Headshoots does.

Serelon, Blackballoon. Drakenel 2nd, Jackard, Skanky Burns and ScreamingIdiot are the chosen squad to stand first.

While our men fall to the demons FacialButters breaks loose of his bonds and trashes the prison.

Rotinaj went mad and tried to kill HolisticDetective, despite being just as well armed he unable to be best Holistic.

This in undoubtedly the end. The stand against the demons was less then stellar. The mind sickness they spread got half the dwarves. A three way bloodbath ensued with the loyal dwarves on one side, the insane on another and the demons in the middle.
Let the engravings on the walls and the tombs of past rulers tell the history of Headshoots.

It has been four days since we fought the fire spirits. An uneasy line of soldiers is all that lies between hell and Headshoots.

I had nearly become optimistic until Uja Malignedache appeared. A true demon. Apparently the tenacious beasts we've been fighting were mere minions.

Ha, the demon falls and only Ticklehug, Jackard and a baby are dead.
I was in the battle but don't remember much after it swiped my head. I was concussed the doctors say. I can no longer guard the prison until I am able to get out of this bed.

Pimpmust is added to the dead list.
We opened the gates of hell and survived but our population rapidly drops as more dwarves go mad and other a consumed by the remaining fire spirits.
The prison is painted red with blood as raging inmates tear each other, themselves and their carers to bits.

We survived goblins, sieges, demons and the undead. Our downfall was ourselves. Once there was no more citizens for my men to kill they turned on each other.
From my bed I can hear the cries and laughter of madness. The thumps of hammer upon skull, the squelch of a spear thrust through a heart.

Phrog has taken it upon himself to care for the injured but it is too much work for one.

I can no longer stay awake for any meaningful length of time. I am close to death. I haven't been brought a drink in so long.
And so ends my turn. It's only autumn and the caravan has just arrived but the amount of gameplay and action that's happened so far has me burnt out. The next leader can try and salvage what's left. Our population dropped from 120 to 40 and pretty much all of them are mad in some way.

I'm not sure whether legends have to be recorded before they get added to world history but alot of named soldiers should get engravings detailing their triumph over the demons and rampaging dwarves.

Surviving dwarves are: Myself (Unconscious), Bakanogami (Melancholy), Smuggins (Tantrum), Bobatron (Unconscious), SirSamVines (Unconscious/Possible Paralysis), Duckbag(Running around babbling), Brokenbox (melancholy), ProfessorBling (Ok), Manuel Calavera (Ok), Rathen (Jail), Whitecloak (Ok), SWATJester (melancholy), Robot uprising (Ok), Phrog (Ok), Eiba (Ok), WanderingKnitter (ok), Nemo2324 (ok), HolisticDetective (ok), Tyskil (ok), Serelon (ok), CaptainAwesome 2nd (ok), Obmeiste (ok), WhoWhatNow (melancholy), Jackard (unconscious), Mofeta (ok), Veekie (running around babbling), Shadowgamer (ok), Skanky Burns (melancholy), Spainish Matlock (unconscious), markus_cz (babbling), Son of Alius (babbling).