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Part 46

So. My laptop screen broke. Yeah. Makes it kind of hard to play Dwarf Fortress. I have managed to upload the save (and make this post) using the unbroken top corner of my screen, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to bother doing all my fancy screenshot editing like this, so I'll have to bow out after only a couple in-game weeks.

And so here's a really short update using pictures from the alternate reality where my laptop crashed, that happened anyway:

Considering there was the whole of mad West Headshoots as well as a large pool of  WEAPON 's lava between us and the main entrance, I figured we should cave a new entrance to allow new migrants into East Headshoots:

As a warning, this means that once  WEAPON 's lava dries out, there will be no barrier between East and West, which would undoubtedly result in a huge influx of Western refugees coming after our food... or else a humanitarian exodus of well-meaning East Headshooters looking to feed the crippled in West... either way, we should be careful about that... I've locked the door anyway as a precaution.

Already the division has begun to tear at us. Just the other day I saw Whitecloak listening at the food stockpile door:

It turns out poor Manuel Calavera, one of the last two sane dwarves of the West, was pleading for his life. I was so touched by the scene that I authorized the door to be unlocked... Unfortunately things did not go as I expected...

Whitecloak fled to the West! This is terrible, we need to recover him somehow. How could we possibly...

Well, it took all of five seconds before Whitecloak got hungry and came back to eat. Manuel Calavera was following him the whole time complaining, and so is now a happy resident of the East.

And what of the Last Sane Dwarf of the West, Professor Bling?
[Insert picture of Professor Bling's wounds list, his left foot is yellow]

I'm not sure how, but he seems to have broken his foot. Maybe he ran into a tantruming invalid, maybe he got nicked by lava. Either way, he's now a hopeless cripple...

There is now no longer anything worth saving in West Headshoots. We're on our own.

Unfortunately, all this leading and choosing who lives and dies is rather tiring. I am but a simple tax collector after all, this leadership business is a bit above my pay grade. I'm sure there's someone more responsible over here in the East... like maybe that random child who snuck over here and keeps whining about everything.



It just occurred to me that everyone on the East is named, so the next overseer would be in a bind... so I very carefully let a child with no name in. So yeah, the next person could either be a constantly tantruming almost insane child, or try to make do with something else.