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Part 51

Spoonboy is up next, but it's been a day since I posted the save without him responding. Here's the entire list of leaders-in-waiting, as the first post currently shows:

OrangeSoda (tentative)
The Belgian
Spanish Matlock
Spermy Smurf

Neither Spoonboy, OrangeSoda or The Belgian have posted in the last couple pages, so if none of them respond in a day I'd say you're up, Spanish Matlock.

Anyway, here's the rest of my turn:

After vanquishing the goblin siege, very little of note happened in the rest of the year. Migrants have caught word of our 'troubles' with demon-madness, and refuse to come despite all our wealth. The elves don't dare show their faces around here, but the humans were brave enough to make a showing.

They show up to the sight of all seven of us working-dwarves stumbling into the daylight, vomiting uncontrollably, lugging huge bins of stone mugs and bone idols. I'm sure they wondered to themselves at the speed at which a once proud and mighty fortress had fallen so low. But they brought some lumber, which we greedily snapped up. Never again shall we have a shortage of booze! We'll build barrels out of every last tree there is!

We've got a two full years supply of booze now, which isn't much compared to the two decades supply of food we have, but enough to put hope into the heart of the most miserable dwarves.

Since ObMeist is a crazy cat lady(see pic of all her pets, some of which were incinerated during the Troubles), I assigned Whitecloak to slaughter all the stray cats before ObMeist can adopt them. Some may call it cruel to coldly kill such a crippled and mangled cat, but what good is a crippled cat at catching vermin?

Click here for the full 812x581 image.

Someone's going to need to keep up with the animal breeding. There's a lot more animals than there was before. Either train up a ton of war dogs, which we don't really need, or slaughter them all and build a tower out of soap from their fat. Right now there's a logistics problem which leads to a lot of rotting chunks and meat from slaughtered animals, but I think the food-hauling backlog of random work is close to being finished by now.