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by Various

Part 55

During the siege Hellioning got strung out

Well he -is- a bowyer. I found out we didn't have any bow-making-places. I built one in some noble's office.

Meanwhile, Snodub sent out a squad to attack, while his main squad went and...
left the map.

Hankor came outside with his trusty steel battle axe ready to murder some goblins, but he was by himself and started to get overwhelmed. The other dorfs came up and saved him before too much damage was done... no yellow or reds.

The rest of the goblins placed themselves on a ledge overlooking the entrance. The dorfs could see them up there so both parties froze. I couldn't get the dorfs to move up to the ledge to fight them.

Obmeiste says fuck the stalemate and goes for it (with just a crossbow (and no ammo))

Since I couldn't move the other dorfs out the predictable result happens.

Once the goblins finally launch their attack after killing Obmeiste, dorftime begins.

Hellioning begins!

The Fortress cats slowly realize their caretaker is no longer taking care of them.

So hey! Something amazingly useful. Wouldn't it be romantic if Hellioning trained up to be a marksdwarf with his own creation? However, after Hellioning puts all his armor on, and unskilled...

He falls down the stairs and breaks his head open. So I switch him back to bowyer and maybe he will get better and pump out crossbows for everyone later!

Congrats to The Belgian and Crackmaster on their new baby teehee

Something strange is happening above the lava here...

Looks like ZeeNew the count is in that cloud!

So is this kid...


Hey we fulfilled a mandate!

In other news superweapon MANCS is loaded...

(Its only to midwinter yet, haven't even gotten into next year. I blocked off the water flow into the bottomless pit because it was killing my framerates.)