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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 59

Robindaybird finds this goblin next to the fortress entrance! I tell Robindaybird to fight, because fighting is the only way.

Hmm, you kind of need your heart to live. Robindaybird perishes from bloodloss sometime soon after this.

Then a BUNCH MORE goblins show up like they're going to kick ass and not take names.

The goblins corner White Paper somewhere and kill him

Tag Plastic is running for his life!

Tag Plastic has been invited to a blanket party

Holistic Detective arrives on the scene

Goblins can't stand up to real dorfs

Tag Plastic nearly died

Later on I saw Otto Print carrying around Tag Plastic in these tunnels, dunno what he was doing with him! Otto Print is the green dorf.

I expect some excellent Growing implements