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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 61

Welcome to the last season of my reign as 'organizer'!

Old dorf Captain Awesome died after he went insane and moped around the fort for a while. Headshoots is mighty depressing.

The Count 'Ledneh' went crazy after making amazing demands that went unfulfilled. The Count then threw himself into TRIBUTE.

Counts 0 : TRIBUTE 2

Nine brave (stupid) dorfs arrive at Headshoots. I think there was a wrestler in there! All the dorfs in the OP were named, there's quite a few left but I'll give Orangesoda the chance to kit those guys out.

This is where Tag Plastic is trying to recuperate. This enormous room that for some reason had one bed built in it. I still don't know where this is, I have to hotkey in and out of it. No other dorfs come down here to do anything.

Whelp, there goes the Countess. I've disappointingly eliminated TWO pairs of Count/Countesses during my overwatch

Maelin chains herself to the clothes workshop in protest of child sweatshops

Wow you didn't want impossible shit like that Captain Awesome did! I seriously don't know what this fort DOESN'T have at this point (Hint: alcohol if OrangeSoda doesn't get crackin on that)

Its amazing! A silk wifebeater. This has so much stuff on it. It took 7 human bones. Where did we get human bones from? Also looking at the stocks screen why do we have [1] dwarf skin? The worth is just over 100,000 dorfbuxs, which in a normal game would be pretty kickin'

So at this point I was filling up  TRIBUTEWEAPON 

Oh my god don't use rock hatch covers with lava even if they are shut tight!
It seems like a pretty harmless place though....


forbid his body, forbid his clothes, it should be ok right? Open the door it should be fine...

(He is the red dorf trailing smoke)



Somehow Armok smiled on us today and the chain reaction we all feared did not happen.

We may not be so lucky in the future

Hurray population growth is no longer negative! I forget who wears the pants in the relationship though.

Thus endth my turn. Some fortress wealth was added in the past year hopefully encouraging more migrants. I think the population is +5 or so with the new migrants and all the death combined. Our military force is exactly the same -- I ended up adding just as many that died, and they are all champions now.
Alcohol is getting low. I tried several times to brew some more but we have no barrels. We also have no wood accessable. OrangeSoda, you might want to unforbid the pile of crap I stole from the elves near the entrance and see if there is wood in there.
 TRIBUTEWEAPON  is still filling up. I have my doubts it will fill up at all. You might have to add some repumps midway or an extra set at the beginning if you want to work on it. The lever to open the gold hatch is the 2nd microcline one in the main hall I think. The other microcline lever releases all the cats from their cage.

Also I would probably expect a siege extremely soon, I THINK I got all the alternative entrances but the fort is so twisted who knows.