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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 64

I awoke today to the smell of various burning objects and panicked shouts..also I think the vague meowing of cats. Taking a look out the front door of the fort (at least I think it's the front) I witness a cascade of lava pouring from above and forming a large pool outside the trade depot, setting various objects on fire. Quite a few questions entered my mind. One, WHY has this stone chute above broken open to douse the area in lava? Two, who the hell would make it?

Reports came in that this  TRIBUTEWEAPON  had broken open further down as well, spewing lava onto the sands in a thankfully remote part of our lands. As far as I can guess, the stone walls of this thing are starting to melt or crumble away, which is bad. If the whole thing comes down over the fort, we're totally fucked. It'll be lava baths for all of us.

Dwarves HATE bathes.

The meowing's source was equally disturbing, a single caged crammed full of over a dozen cats and kittens on a precarious ledge above a underground river. The ledge is surrounded by walls, so nobody can actually get to the cage. As far as I can guess, someone was trying to drown the stray cats.

At this point, Falius charged by me sobbing uncontrollably and babbling about something, before leaping up and diving into the spreading lava pool headfirst. I give him a 8.5 at best.

(the rest will have to wait because waffleimages is being gay )