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Part 74

I just re-downloaded DF, loaded up the latest headshoots save, hit abandon on the fort, and went through the history. It is crazy. Literally everything is covered. You can see the strengths of both sides for every siege, who killed who, etc. Anyone interested in their dwarf's life could find them in the creatures section of the legends mode by searching their name. The amount of information about the fort is staggering. The history of the settlement itself is dozens of pages, though many are just "so and so made a legendary engraving named X". The list of the 25 artifacts is ridiculous.

Uncle Jam posted:

If any time passes between abandon and and getting there, they will have left. After a while they will find another town and resettle there, you can find out the name of the town using legends.

I just created an adventurer in the nearest civ and went down there. Near the abandoned settlement i saw a = symbol and headed over. Every single dwarf is there, including HolisticDectective WEARING HIS ARMOR. Pictures coming soon. Will hit up the settlement itself next.

Edit: Tried to attack holisticdetective, was bashed to death by her backpack.

This post is where I will add any further pictures of my adventures with the dwarves of headshoots and the abandoned fortress.

Me attempting to take out a different champion:

I create a human adventurer in the nearest human civ, which traded and occasionally warred with Headshoots. Apparently the trading was so good that most of the townspeople are merchants (seen as the people in red/orange in the pic). Old tradegoods litter the streets. I steal some armor and weapons for my exploration into Headshoots proper.

The townspeople don't take too well to having their piles of wealth rifled through.

Guess I'll try a different approach...

This can only go well!

Even after some time running over from the elf lands, I'm still able to find the group:

I manage to sneak up on some nobody armorsmith and strangle him to death with my bow, then:

Yeah, these guys are much tougher than I'm used to. I'm going to see if they resettle somewhere or wander forever.

Edit: They seem to splinter into smaller and smaller groups and spread further out from Headshoots, but have no real direction. Talking to them can be rather depressing. A conversation with one child:

He tells a tale of a mother and father who met and were married in Headshoots. He is the middle child, with a younger and older sister. All of his family was massacred years ago by the demons, and now he wanders the wilderness in search of a new home.

Getting close:

The fortress is littered with thousands upon thousands of items and bones. Finding a real entrance is impossible; finding water channels and tombs not so much. Only one tomb still had bones in it, but the mighty animals kept nearby were long dead in their cages. Weapons smeared with goblin, dwarf, kobald, and camel blood can be found amidst the wreckage. Hundreds of coins, both solitary and in small piles, can be found. Magma from magnificent projects has cooled and solidified into obsidian walls, blocking some doors. I find and pull a few levers; nothing happens. There is no life here, animal, sentient, nor undead. I find the creek, massively excavated and with channels dug into it. Hoping to find an underwater entrance, I jump in, knowing that I have some normal level swimming ability. The current is too much, however, and I drown: One corpse amongst hundreds, just another piece of wreckage in a cursed land.


Vox Nihili posted:

There is no life here, animal, sentient, nor undead.

Turns out I was wrong.

Something else has come to live in Headshoots.

Bonus post by Ur Getting Fatter:

I have reached the area where the fabled "Headshoots" fortress is supposed to be. In the ground I find a series of channels. I run atop of the nearest hill and confirm my suspcions: the channels seem to arranged in the shape of some strange symbols that I do not recognize. Perhaps a greeting from its long lost inhabitants?