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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 75

I hope you guys don't mind the adventure pics and such between updates; I really had a lot of fun with this site and decided to give it another visit.

What follows is the final journey of Kadest Hath Merchantpassion, human female. After interviewing many of the Headshoots survivors and visiting the site of the lost fortress several times, she decided to make one last attempt to find her way down to the spectacular wealth that surely waited in its depths. She'd already lost one eye to the undead that still haunt the site, and had her foot nearly incinerated by magma after opening the wrong door. But this time, against all odds, she made it inside. The tails of glorious wealth were true; pieces of adamantine in various stages of work were found, along with aluminum and steel baubles of varying value. On her way to look for even deeper passages, however, she found that the undead do not merely lurk on the surface of the once-great fortress...

Undead large rats and troglodytes. A mere nuisance to an accomplished pikewoman like herself, perhaps, but a troubling encounter in a fort whose halls seemed entirely abandoned moments ago.

A zombie troll, too, curious. Curious.

As she approaches stairs leading into the depth, a multitude of undead suddenly spew forth. These are not the zombies of before, but speedy skeletal creatures. A troll and many, many troglodytes.

She destroys the troll easily, but now a is upon her, and more troglodytes stream forth.

The bat tears her knee apart, enraging her. She shatters it immediately after with her pike, but is now lying on the floor surrounded by skeletal monsters.

It is pretty difficult to attack when seven different creatures are holding your arms.. The yellow text means the joint is locked in place and about to be broken.

Skeletal arms grasp and tear. Joints snap, blood is spilled. Even now, our heroine destroys and dismembers several more attackers, but it is too late. Soon, mercifully:

The +adamantine gauntlet+, fire imp skull totem, and 2 artifacts she found will not, in fact, be recovered. In this alternate timeline, the depths and darkness have reclaimed Headshoots in a way that none could have been foreseen. Take heed, overseers, for Headshoots is the gateway that holds the evil in the depths. Do not allow her to fall.