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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 76

16th Obsidian

This is it - Headshoots - the most legendary and the most notorious dwarven outpost on this continent. Its abysmal architecture doesn't seem to follow any kind of logical structure. There are half finished towers, flooding corridors, terrible death traps and labyrinths. Citizens crawl through long corridors in muddy rags.

We saved the dungeon master from a platform that was hanging over bottomless pit. Apparently there was some kind of suicide cult and most of the nobles decided to end their lifes.

Undead goats caused some problems but they were smashed.

9th Granite

Our pointy eared friends arrived to trade.

11th Granite

Nemo2342 enters martial trance immediately and charges towards the enemy.

80 goblins vs. four champions = lots of flying body parts. Nemo2342 manages to kill 20 of them, Tyskil gets 16, Mofeta and Good Professor finish the job. After 40 dead attackers goblins decide to leave.

27th Granite
A three-year old orphan geri_khan was possessed by Tosid, the deity of fortresses. The kid created a cave lobster shell puzzlebox with some nasty images.

1st Slate
Babbling madman Phrog II finally died of thirst. Poor cripple had lost his wife, both children and had failed mood couple of months ago. Nobody seems to care enough to move his body.

5th Slate
We bought two jaguars from the elves. Hopefully they'll mate and we can grow an army of them. We actually had a giant leopard but someone butchered it for food.

22nd Slate
Migrants! We've got new tax collector, hammerer, count, countess and six others.

18th Felsite
What the fuck man?

I'm trying to retrieve the  TRIBUTEWEAPON . I don't actually know how it's supposed to work but what could possibly go wrong?

-It is now summer.-