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Part 77

Summer was quite boring.

8th Hematite
Makille and Maelin were injured in a mining accident. Doesn't seem too bad.

10th Hematite
Whoo!  TRIBUTEWEAPON  works again.

17th Hematite
Mortal Sword has been elected mayor. Human caravan arrived.

26th Hematite
We spent some time killing undead monsters in the chasm.

14th Malachite
Magma reaches the ground.

24th Malachite

I guess they heard about those who fell into the bottomless pit last year.

27th Malachite
Woah, both of our jaguars have internal wounds. I have no idea how they got those.

21st Galena
Count KataraniSword became pissed off because nobody could use dwarven magic to create giant bat leather items. Luckily he punished the most useless dwarf.

12th Limestone
Dwarf caravan arrived.


Next (last?) update will take little longer because I have some real life stuff to do today. I guess I'll be able to post on Wednesday evening (Euro time).