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Part 78

Autumn was very boring. Count wanted some bismuth bronze items, Countess wanted bolts and aluminum items and Mayor wanted a floodgate.

There's like million pictures of releasing the demons, two million of Phrog becoming the first leader and perhaps twenty of anything else.

(the best name ever)

13th Moonstone
Ooh, an ambush. Siege operator Robindaybird was wrestled to death by six goblins.

Goblins hang out next to the lava field until jimmyel and his troops arrive.

16th Moonstone
Fortress guard Shadow Gamer the III is ambushed by seven goblins.

He manages to shoot one of them..

..but is quickly beaten unconscious.

His hands are torn off.

He is still alive when the soldiers arrive

..but nobody can help him.

26th Moonstone
River froze and there was no alternative water source so we built a well with an artifact chain and an artifact mechanism.

17th Opal

22th Opal

Tag Plastic, an adept miner is taken by mood. There wasn't any silk cloth for his project so I ordered people to collect cave spider webs.

11th Obsidian

I also finished my mining project: