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Part 83

Excerpts from the Parables of Ralius, the Second Prophet:

--7th Moonstone, 118--

...and HOLISTICDETECTIVE did issue a proclamation, that those who had sinned against her faith could be forgiven now, for most had done their best to descend (although it was whispered that this was purely from terror at the fate of those who had resisted). As a symbol of their pious regret, they were to face the challenge of Courage: each was assigned a Lever, of unknown function, and ordered to pull it. Then, should they survive whatever strange results this produced, they would be declared free to descend.

And yea, even the nobles, foul offenders that they were, humbled themselves before the Levers of Courage, and pulled. And although many strange rumblings were heard from afar, none were struck down, and they rejoiced in their salvation... because I guess those levers either connect to nothing or do something so obscure we'll never figure it out

--1st Obsidian, 118--

...when one of the few remaining who had not tried to Descend finally committed his inevitable blasphemy against the name of the Champion. And at once, Toxic Frog, for his sins, went insane; but so black was his heart that his madness turned to rage, and he began to froth and strike out at those around him.

He seized the good and pious Mortal Sword and, before any aid could come, began to beat him about the chest. When poor Mortal Sword called for aid, Toxic Frog's wrath waxed full, and in his divine madness he ripped Mortal Sword's arm from its socket and broke it in two. Toxic Frog, not content to merely injure his former friend's limb, beat Mortal Sword about the head with his own arm, until his head was gravely injured and the blood flowed freely.

The Champion upon hearing of this considered striking down the errant madman herself, but determined that such honor was not to be his. Instead she sent Nemo, her strongest servant, to chastise Toxic Frog with his sword of justice.

Upon Nemo's arrival, Toxic Frog the Mad charged with screams of demonic fury; but the UnderChampion Nemo's strength and skill were not to be matched. Seizing Toxic Frog by the neck, the UnderChampion Nemo hurled him through the air. With supernatural speed Nemo raced forward and overtook the flying miscreant, striking him with his mighty sword, such that Toxic Frog was cleaved in twain! And such was Nemo's anger at this heretic that Toxic Frog's corpse was dragged to the lowest part of Headshoots and flung into the pit with the demons, never to be recovered.

Now the wounded, Mortal Sword, had partially Descended before this happened; and such was the strength granted the Descended that he survived this greivious injury, though he was taken to bed to recover. There he lay for many nights, until... was still alive last I checked

--20th Obsidian, 118--

As reward for their penance, these Dwarves were given that which they most greatly desired. Marxgorm, who had longed for the skill and strength of a master Craftsdwarf, was filled with divine Inspiration, and began constructing an Artifact of undoubtedly great beauty.

Meanwhile in recognition of their spiritual rebirth, the nobles Otsp and KataraniSword were granted a child of their union by the Champion. So strong and noble was the boy that both Descendant nobles felt their hearts uplifted; the shadow of their heresy left them and they forgot, for a time, their reduced standing. And the boy was named by none other than the Champion's Prophet, Ralius, who spoke over him thus: “This boy's destiny is great, but whether he shall achieve it is in the hands of others. His name shall be nippythefish! that he might one day be as powerful and cunning as the dreaded Carp.” and now the blasted nobles are ecstatic again! All my work for nothing...

--31st Obsidian, 118--

And so ends the tattered, bloodsoaked remains of the Gospels of Zalius and Ralius. What became of these Prophets is uncertain; perhaps later writings will speak of them. But their works shall live on amongst dwarfkind forever. In the name of the Champion, may endarkenment come upon you.

Spring is upon us, and my turn is up. Short of lavaflooding the whole damn place I can't seem to destroy Headshoots. The military is indestructible, the fortress is overflowing with food and drink, and the place is such a maze that it's almost impossible to trap anyone anywhere. The following are the survivors:

This is the current state of the fortress:

and I'm uploading the save now. Sorry I couldn't get HolisticDetective to go berserk; she seems to be in a constant state of ecstasy regardless of what's going on around here. Best of luck to the next overseer!

Ps: also, no one seems to have gotten the poem and image joke in the previous post

EDIT: Here's the new save