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Dwarf Fortress - Headshoots

by Various

Part 86

I had died...

I had died in the "holy" fires set by that damned Cult of Holistic Detective. But that wasn't the end. Oh no. I had come to Headshoots, not to tax its adamantine riches, as I told everyone else, no I came to Headshoots because of what else was found in the depths of Headshoots- the eerie glowing pits. A portal to Hell itself.

I barely had time to investigate before some mad fool killed me, but I had learned enough. In my dying moments I made a pact with the forces that dwelt beneath the earth... My soul is theirs, and now it's time for them to uphold their part of the bargain.

I will have revenge.

As if in a trance, Holistic Detective and Nemo2342 shambled down through the mines, to gaze upon the eerie red glow from the pit.

The greatest strength of this fortress has no doubt been their invincible Champions. Particularly these two- the strongest swordsdwarf who ever lived, Nemo2352, and the dwarf wearing Trailmachines the Felowship of Right, Professor Bling's greatest work, the strongest armor conceivable- Holistic Detective.

These two were the only dwarves to survive the invasion of the Demons, but now they would be the demons.

There was a flash, a swirling of energy, and all sorts of spiffy special effects, and the two champions shrieked as their flesh and souls melted from their body.

[Insert that face melting gif from Indiana Jones here]

What remained was no longer dwarven at all. Armor clattered around bone, as the two beings turned to the stairs... Headshoots was doomed.


Waffle Images seems to be acting up as it tends to... It took half an hour to get it to upload these three pictures, and it doesn't even look like they're showing up now. I know people always ask, but I've never paid attention- where else might be a good site to upload images for now?

The coming bloodbath is really quite spectacular, but I sadly have no way of sharing it.

Never mind, found something. Crappy jpg quality, but at least you can see them.

And for the record, they're skeletons instead of zombies mainly because it turns out zombies are really slow, and it helps when your death machines can catch those fleeing champions. Also, just making them undead didn't make them aggressive enough- I also had to mark them as invaders... So I guess I didn't need to make them undead at all, but c'mon, armored dwarf skeletons of destruction.

If we were to do a future game with civforge or something (a really good idea, in my opinion) we might just end up passing around the whole game along with the save- it's small enough to fit on megaupload or something.