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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 4: - Felsite


1st Felsite 1051
After thirty-seven petitions leader has constructed the medical room. I have been promoted from animal butcher to chief medical dwarf. I celebrated with a barrel of rum and mule meat and to my flusterment everyone was occupied.

4th Felsite 1051
At evening meat Mar complained she is sore from work. I offered to look for problems at the medical room but she did not hear me three times.

6th Felsite 1051
Every morning I celebrate the death of the bastard Clure. To my delight I recall the elven blade slash her stomach meat open and the blood stack on the ground. It was greater than the slaughter of animals. However I miss the brothers.

7th Felsite 1051
Hyte told us that elf steeds pester our donkey and to beware their schemes. I do not feel she has authority to make us beware.

8th Felsite 1051
Mar moved commodities into the medical room. I have thread, crutches, splints, and buckets. However to my sadness there were no enormous corkscrews or serrated discs.

11th Felsite 1051
We put in work on the second floor of the tower. The militia commander will snooze there. I informed the other workers if they fall and break it would be to my happiness to give them more bones.

13th Felsite 1051
I am concerned for Mar. She has developed hand bumps and I informed her in my doctor opinion unless severed they will grow into elves and fall off. She asked: what sort of elves? I explained: the horrific kind.

14th Felsite 1051
I informed Exi it would be to my excitement to cut his face meat and transplant beard hair onto others who cannot grow beard hair without transplant. He left however I ate his unfinished mule meat.

18th Felsite 1051
Leader constructed a prisoner room across from the medical room and promoted Hyte to sheriff. I have not heard back from my petitions to revoke the title.

22nd Felsite 1051
I have begun a promotion for the medical room. The first patient will receive another limb.

23rd Felsite 1051
In my doctor opinion the other dregs must consume more ale than current for health and proper beard growth. I informed Hyte to enforce this and she stared at me menacingly. I submitted more petitions to revoke her title.

26th Felsite 1051
The militia commander stares off the tower at night and I asked with what was she occupied. She pointed and I looked and there was a monstrous elf in the woods! It was larger than the trees and terrifying to behold.

28th Felsite 1051
I submitted petitions for a butcher station. With more practice patients will come to the medical room to have problems looked for. Matul Remrit will thrive with my dedication to cutting and the brothers will find home here.