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by Star Guarded

Part 6: - Hematite


2nd Hematite 1051
Scheme solved. Office room is used for management with no connection to impending invasion. Leader is not a snake creature in dwarf skin.

4th Hematite 1051
Miners dug out a room behind the food hall. Mar moved commodities there from the storage room. All the commodities moved were food. Why? She moved seven barrels and stopped to drink ale after the third barrel and before the fourth barrel.

6th Hematite 1051
Mule does not respond to the skin of its brother which I wear. Taunted with "it is good to have brothers" and "I am the mule" but still it eats unconcerned.

8th Hematite 1051
Storage room was expanded but the commodities were moved to other rooms. When? Mar moved the food barrels not the others. Consider the involvement of accomplices. Must question expansion of storage room.

9th Hematite 1051
Spoke to friend Squib about possible schemes. She knew nothing but has been focused on the monstrous elf. Do not think she sees the unscrupulous connections which form around us.

11th Hematite 1051
Mar cut four trees and carried the wood to the work rooms. Must question purpose of the wood. Later she spoke to Dett. Possible accomplice? Did not hear the words but Mar seemed terrified.

14th Hematite 1051
Leader bellowed at me over complaints made from a dreg. Who? Suspect there is a scheme to revoke my title so unscrupulous connections will form. Mustered substantial menace to glare with.

17th Hematite 1051
There is a little mule! How? There is one mule parent. Possible elf scheme?

18th Hematite 1051
Worried about friend Squib. She did not laugh when I performed impersonations. Bludgeoned self in the head with a rock and called it the art. Then cried and made whale noises and blubbered about cats. No response.

20th Hematite 1051
Must question the unscrupulous birth of little mule. Observe little mule more when it is alone.

23rd Hematite 1051
Scheme solved. The wood is used to construct beds. Implications are terrifying.

24th Hematite 1051
There are more living rooms. Even counting animals the living rooms are too numerous and without purpose. Observed rooms but could not burst into room where Exi snoozes.

25th Hematite 1051
Mule is cunning. Told it of the refreshing ale in the prisoner room but it does not leave the food hall to consume. Must beware.

27th Hematite 1051
Second floor of Bravemule nears completion. Proud of the name. Friend Squib seemed pleased with the progress. Her safeness will come with schemes gone.